Armored warfare garage slots

armored warfare garage slots

Obsidian Entertainment verpasst dem kostenlosen Panzeractionspiel Armored Warfare endlich das langerwartete Feature der optischen. Armored Warfare Garage Slots. Welcome to my blog. Related Posts. Credit Card Online · Online Premier League. Published on: Category: Uncategorized. May 31, · ARMORED WARFARE CM; Members; 3, posts; Gender: Male; Ganz im Gegenteil, damit hab ich ja noch ein – zwei Slots frei wo die.

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Approve Set Invisible Unapprove Post Hide Unhide Delete Merge Split Move. I'm starting to think they need to put this in the tutorial cause I see this asked so often it's obviously not getting through to everybody. Reddiquette and Reddit's rules. One reason I stopped playing this game is because I purchased some gold and most of that gold went into buying new space for more tanks. I currently have invested in 20 garage slots took advantage of the sale. That's how every f2p game owned by mail ru started to attract it's player base, and they all ended as a horrible unplayable p2w mess. If you had logged in at Christmas every year and a few other times, you would have been given free tanks with garage slots. I believe they talk about it http: Post Content not Advertisements Here be Monsters Rule 4: Your opponents are a challenge, celebrate it! The simplicity of collecting tanks and just swapping commanders is in part what is so impressive. I personally suspect that the prem time discount building is a way to get people to buy more gold and create a sort of bioware points effect. Mobile Version Mark Community Read Forums Members Mark all as read Help. But for higher tier and more expensive tanks, it will be more cost effective to buy garage slots and save them? When it comes to my tanks, I keep everything T8 and up. Please don't remind me of the obviously stupid petty violation that this should outline. Since intonation doesn't carry well via text it was a mystified "what the fuck" not angry what the fuck, so like calm your tits and untwist your panties champ. This needs to be made a sticky or put on the banner or something because I'm tired of hearing it. Define " a lot of money". If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. After at least 2 hours send a message to the mods; it may have been accidentally caught in the spam filter. Spanktankk 10 Posted Jan 21 - Drive modern tanks, armored vehicles and. Es ist jetzt I'm glad I learned of the infinite slots once Open Beta began, since during closed betas I'd sell tanks when I thought Automatenaufsteller werden was running low on space. Thank you, I've never looked too deep into the whole mission stuff. Its a joke that you only start with 4 fucking garage slots even though it took at least 3 to fully upgrade a mech. Free PC Games Den Sheep Arcade Site Map.

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